Laminated glass, which consists of two glass panes with a thin, clear vinyl layer in-between that prevents the glass from shattering on impact. Tempered glass, which has been heat-treated to make it harder and more durable than standard glass. You get the strength factor of tempered glass with the shatter-proof factor of laminated glass. Strong and Safe. There are several advantages with tempered laminated glass. It’s harder and more scratch-resistant than standard glass. If broken, it crumbles into “Pebbles” rather than sharp pieces. Lamination prevents falling or flying glass shards. Vinyl inner layer provides additional resistance to outside noise. Many Uses; This type of glass has a wide range of uses in homes, offices and elsewhere. Deck railing glass Hurricane-resistant glass Wind-resistant glass Skylight glass Glass you can walk on Glass white boards Bathroom door panels Countertop backsplashes.